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Trading to the MAX

Register in the yellow box below, and you can attend our webinar or get the video playback…PLUS attend our free live-trading sessions. Our next webinar is coming up on the 28th of January.
You’ll also get our Trader’s Tool gift valued at $189.


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The MAX is a complete & effective Trading System ….

  The MAX profit acceleration techniques can get you into the trend sooner and help you stay longer, for maximum results as compared to other good systems.
MAX methods are very precise.
We have continuously honed our training & trading techniques over the past 7 years & 40 series of courses.
– Entry & exits should be within 2 pips of the setup points.
The MAX’s Money Management is built into the trade itself.
– There is no need for extra calculations or stress – it all happens naturally.
– You can concentrate on the trading process itself with no outside distractions.
The MAX’s unique Price Action trading method gets you consistently into very reliable trends and
The MAX’s exit techniques will get you out almost at the end of the movement because it relies on Price Action.
– This enables you to maximize your profits and milk as much from a movement as possible.

Homework is an essential part of MAX Training.
– You will be asked to submit a your homework charts after each session, and your instructor will give you personal feedback.
– This crystallizes your understanding, shortens your learning time & is essential to make certain that we know you understand the information.

Trading can be a lonely job, full of self-doubt for many traders.
We provide unlimited backup support so that you get the feedback, information & guidance you need to be successful.

Our After-Course support includes:
– Access to several hundred hours of video at no charge.
– Regular invitations to no-charge practice sessions where we go over your questions & charts candle by candle.
– an Invitation to the complimentary MAX Forum, where you can keep in touch with other members & submit your charts for further evaluation & comment.

Whatever your goal:

  • Retirement
  • Financial Independence
  • Supplementary income
  • More Freedom
  • Family
  • Wealth Creation
  • or Charity…

MAX Trading can help you reach your goals faster –- with very conservative, built-in risk management -– typically only 1% – 2% risk per trade. And, The MAX adapts to trading conditions – unlike those $97 schemes that vanish after 2 weeks because the market changes.

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I’ve been trading Forex for 3 years and purchased several systems that were supposed to be the answer to everyone’s prayer. They all turned out to be junk and I got my refunds. Then someone led me to the Max System. Their school and system taught me more in 3 months then anyone else showed me in 3 years. I’ve taken the Primer course and the Standard course. I learned more about making charts and trading forex in general then anyone else ever even mentioned over the past 3 years so I doubt if it was things they even knew about. And then there is also their system. The results speak for themself. In the 1st month of trading my live account, I made 100 winning trades, 13 losing trades, for a total of 113 trades, equaling an 88% winning ratio. What a great way to start your first month of trading. Thank you all at the Max Training System.


The MAX is hands down the best concept I’ve ever come across. No more Googling, trying to find the ‘Forex grail’, that never exists. I am recommending MAX to anyone, who is serious about getting their Forex trading career started out profitably and not chasing anymore of those pie-in-the-sky-kind-of-systems.” ZS

Our full-time professional traders provide plenty of individual attention during your training.
You will experience, perhaps for the first time, an authentic trading education.


“Everyone is different, but I’m averaging 10-15% a WEEK with this method, and no I’m not overleveraged or exposing too much of my account per trade. –HT


—-Skype Chat Transcript from MS:

I made a 47% gain on my account this week…”  

“I just made 605 pips – a 25% account increase today”


We look forward to seeing you in the webinar. ……

Kind regards,

Craig and Chris

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