Advanced Course

The MAX Advanced Course is our highest level of training, and requires graduation from the Standard Course. It adds tremendous power to our Standard and SAM methods.

  • Designed for traders who have completed the MAX Standard Course.
  • It will increase your profits by 30 to 300% relative to the MAX Standard Course.
  • Multiply your skills and knowledge for greater efficiency and higher gains in trading.
  • Learn how to select the best pairs for your trading day!

While the Standard Course can pull in about 2 to 4 times more profit than most trend following systems, the Advanced Course can move your trading profits to a much higher level.
The extra entry & profit protection techniques in the Advanced Course give you the potential for another 30%-300% percent. The trend reversal method will help you enter at the beginning of the trend – safely & accurately ( a recent backtest showed it to be 90%+ accurate on the 4 hour timeframe). Currency correlation, advanced Money and Risk Management, and News information could work together to boost profits to new heights.

A massive thanks must go to Eusebio for his Advanced Max Course, his teachings were clear and concise and he has already helped me massively increase my profits with his advanced MAX trading techniques and his advanced money management techniques. This course is a must for anybody who seriously wants to increase their profits from trading the MAX system.

–MM, Adv Graduate


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MAX Advanced Training  —  $2395

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The MAX Basics Reviewed
Make certain you fully comprehend the latest developments in the MAX Method as taught in the Standard Course. This includes BT MOs, BO MOs, the new Homebase and other finer points for trading the MAX more effectively.

Learn how to make safer entries at the earliest possible point in a new trend.

This topic is a very new development not taught by Dr. Pruitt.
Waves can help you define when a trend has started & alert you when it is nearing the end.
How to use the Waves in conjunction with indicators.
Waves will become an essential part of your daily trading preparation.

Nuances and Trading Finesse
Correlated Pairs: Learn how to determine correlations.
Ascertain how the TTs interact with Correlated pairs.
Determine the strongest currency & the weakest currency for trading the best possible trend.
Learn the “Long Candle Exploit” for capturing profits.
Discover the “Gambit” Play for protecting profits.
Find out how to use the TTs to add to your profit.

Risk & Money Management
Learn to reduce your risk and accumulate more profits by monitoring and using Position Sizing to your benefit.
Gain the skill to minimize the damage that multiple & long drawdowns (losses) can do to your account.

Q & A
Reviewing the Course & expanding the details on which you have questions.

Course Materials
Video Recordings, Podcasts (MP3), and all Indicators & Templates are provided.

Advanced Course GoogleGroup
A GoogleGroup will be created to cater to your assignments and questions.

It wouldn’t be a MAX Course without assignments to complete for individual evaluation.

This course is available only to MAX Standard students, and you should have a good understanding of Standard methods and concepts.

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Time & Date

Week 1 Session 1 4 pm, Nov 3, NY time
Week 2 Session 24 pm, Nov 10, NY time
Week 3 Session 34 pm, Nov 17 NY time
Week 4 Session 44 pm, Nov 24 , NY time
Week 5 Session 54 pm, Dec 1, NY time
Week 6 Session 64 pm, Dec 8, NY time
Week 7 Session 74 pm, Dec 15, NY time

All times are New York, USA time & Date.
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