PLEASE NOTE: These are real people with real stories, but you should expect that results will vary from person to person. Trading involves risk of loss, and you should trade only with discretionary funds, and only after obtaining quality trading education. Experience will vary from trader to trader, and you may not do as well as is shown in the testimonials.  Trading is not easy, and any MAX course will require hard work, study, and practice.

From Adrian F

If you are here you are in the right place! I will not tell you stories about the course because MAX system have a presentation free about the system, but you have to subscribe on the site. Before taking the Max Prime, Max Lite, Max Standard and Max ETF (i am glad vary glad I did) I traded in forex more then 8 years but my result was very poor. After I have learn the MAX concept I have subscribe on broker Demo Contest just to practice and on the second contest I have finish on 4th place and still continue to practice. On my real account I have start with 500$ just for practice with leverage 1:400 I have made in firs 2 weeks 30% profit!
I have take that course 5-6 month ago and still review the videos. For me taking this course was the best choice i ever made in Forex. Thank you Max Trading Team, especially Eusebio!!!
I rate 5 star because it was the best course I ever took.

From Kevin Davis

I have been watching the webinars everyday and I can say that I have never come across a company that teaches their trading system in such detail and I think it is great to see that you guys are doing this. As you are probably aware this is not the first trading system that I have purchased and I am blown away with how good the MAX trading system looks so far, but what I really like is the way you have structured the course and all the great knowledge and experience that yourself, Chris, Jerry and Eusebio are sharing. This is the first time in a long time that I honestly believe that I have a very good chance of achieving my goal of trading successfully.

Once again thank you for your help and service.


From Craig Stoltz Founder, Forex Autotrader’s World

“In the middle of the thick forest of endless Forex trading methods, eBooks, trade robots and indicators, there stands a crown jewel known as the Super MAX method of trading. This method, pioneered by Dr. Jim Pruitt, PhD in finance, affectionately known as “Tiger” by his students, is a unique and highly successful yet very straightforward assembly of special indicators and a strategy based on trend following and incremental scale-in trades placed on pullbacks.

While pullback trading is a well known methodology, Jim’s strategy makes it almost effortless. Jim packages his method and special indicators with several hours of video training that will get the Forex trader up and running in no time. What’s refreshing about Jim’s method, is that unlike most of the other hyped and slick glossy trading products out there, Jim takes a mentoring approach to cultivating successful traders of his method and stresses the need to practice and be patient. I’ve been trading for many years and the MAX method is hands down one of the best of the best.”

And from CDR Charlie

“I would say it is a very straight forward, highly consistent method IF you take the time in the 7 week class to practice! The Doctor is absolutely there to spread the knowledge…always sets up a Google Group Room where all graded homework is posted and all templates or indicators for MetaTrader4 are placed for you immediately after the class session is complete. Then you have full access to these to collect (download) and utilize the remainder of your MAX trading career. Cost is extremely reasonable. Having a basic awareness of Meta Trader 4 software before sitting through the class is advisable! Cheers,”

From Wayne V….

I know it’s only been 4 days now, but wow, I am TRULY EXCITED. Words can no longer describe how I’m feeling. I can actually picture myself trading full time if this continues and that means being able to spend more time with my recently widowed mom and wife and being able to travel around the globe which has been a long time dream of mine. You must be some type of Angel or something. Believe me, I need one the most right now in my life. Thanks again.”

“Just a personal note, I know I sent one before, but honestly, thank you so much for teaching me your system. I am in my fourth day of trading it, and I still cannot believe the results I am getting. I still have not developed the guts to stay in long enough in a trade yet as in practice because I am using my small live account, but I’ve been scalping profits off the table left and right. So far 24 wins and 2 losses. I’ve just been doing baby pips 20 pips here, 10 pips there etc. It’s so easy.

From New Zealand, -John C

” I had the privilege of undertaking the MAX training and I found it very helpful in my forex journey. I had tried several other systems previous to the MAX system, and MAX is by and far the best. It is straight forward and easy to use and Jim is a very passionate about what he teaches. Regards, “

From Terry C.

“I live in Washington State USA. The current class has many members…without going into boring detail I too, have lost (“given away”) many dollars in pursuit of Forex education to the so-called experts. I signed up with MAX on the advice of a good friend who is also a MAX member. I was down to my last $3K after the sub-prime meltdown. THE TRAINING WORKS!!!….not only does it work…but it does so in spades! This training is current, fluid, evolving and hands-on…AND IN REAL TIME. MAX training has helped me turn my account around and for the very first time, the Forex Market is donating $$$$’s to me. I’m not given to raving about things but if you want to be a successful trader and accomplish the things that you say you do in your email, then get into a MAX Course.

You will learn everything that you need to know to become a successful trader…a hugely successful trader. I never give testimonials for anything but this is a decidedly welcome exception! Best Regards… “

From Rory M

Jim, I just wanted to show you how much your system has changed my trading. Now first I want to admit that I didn’t wait until you gave the go ahead to start trading live. After the 5th session things just started to click so I started making some trades. Prior to this point my trading success was about 35% winners to 65% losers, not a very good ratio unless I just wanted to throw away some extra money that happened to be laying around. After the 5th session when I got my monthly statement I looked at it and the winners were now 81% and the loses were 19%. My trading account is finally going in the direction that I want it to. If it gets any better, I don’t know what I’ll do.

From Darryl H.

Prior to your class I had virtually no trading experience. I traded on a few occasions, but all I did was lose money. Last fall I came across the MAX on “The Forex Truth.” I knew I had found what I was looking for. So I’ve spent the last 5 months studying charts, reviewing videos, demo trading, and re-taking the class.

Well I’m happy to report things are finally clicking into place for me and

I’m starting to get a handle on live trading the MAX (I guess I’m a slow learner. LOL) I opened a micro account with $500 and went live on March 1st. I stumbled a bit at first, but recovered quickly and kept pushing on.
Just this week I’ve made +696 pips and am up 36% in my account. It’s just a few dollars I know, but more importantly I’m understanding the concepts of the MAX and how to work them in real time.

There’s still a long way for me to go, but going live and making things work in real time with real money was a big step for me, so I wanted to share my success.
Thank you so much for sharing your system! And thanks for the occasional whack with a 2×4 when I needed it. LOL


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